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Dick Hardt

Dick Hardt

Title: An Identity Story


Identity online is undergoing a substantive evolution as a new generation has grown up with the web and expects to do everything digitally. Accordingly, consumers are finding more commercial and social transactions migrating to the internet and citizens are benefiting from broad e-government services initiated by the public sector.

However not everything is digitally possible yet. While the web has made it easy to gather information online, users are unable to easily provide it, thus making consumer-oriented websites hungry for identity-related solutions. Additionally, most e-government services that can increase efficiency and provide better outcomes require knowledge of the citizen.

New user-centric, Identity 2.0 technologies, such as OpenID and Microsoft CardSpace are making it easy to move identity data. This fast-paced talk will provide perspectives on what is identity, where we are today and what might happen in the future.

Biographical Information:

A visionary in web applications and open source software, Dick Hardt has been active in technology development for two decades. His most recent venture, Sxip Identity, is the leader in Identity 2.0, creating simple, secure, and open solutions for the next generation of internet identity. Sxip provides on-demand identity management for the enterprise and user-centric solutions that securely automate the exchange of identity data online. Prior to Sxip, Dick founded ActiveState in 1997. Under his leadership as CEO, ActiveState became a leader in tools for open source programming languages and anti-spam software and was acquired by UK-based security company Sophos in 2003.

As a successful entrepreneur and technology expert, Dick is very involved in the technology and business community, holding a board position with the Vancouver Enterprise Forum and previously sitting on the boards of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association and Ludicorp (former parent company of Flickr).