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Industry Talk

Time: Saturday May 12 (3:30pm-4:15pm)

Location: Theatre

Speaker: Greg Cypes (AOL)

Title: Building Social Networks for the Next Generation


In building the next communities on the internet, users will seek distinct and specialized networks. Come learn how to build these highly targeted networks using existing APIs and standards that make users feel like they are part of a unique community. We will cover the following topics:

Biographical Information:

Gregory Cypes is a Senior Software Engineer on AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM). He has developed location services, as well as audio, video and peer-2-peer technology in AIM. Greg not only works to provide a better AIM and instant messaging experience, but serves also as an evangelist for the Open AIM Developer Program. In his seven plus years working on AIM, he has enjoyed his role in transforming the client from a self-contained entity to one of the most robust and powerful open messaging and peer-2-peer networks in the world.