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Poster Papers

Track: User Interfaces and Accessibility

Paper Title:
GeoTV: Navigating Geocoded RSS to Create an IPTV Experience


The Web is rapidly moving towards a platform for mass collaboration in content production and consumption from three screens: computers, mobile phones, and TVs. While there has been a surge of interests in making Web content accessible from mobile devices, there is a significant lack of progress when it comes to making the web experience suitable for viewing on a television. Towards this end we describe a novel concept, namely GeoTV, where we explore a framework by which web content can be presented or pushed in a meaningful manner to create an entertainment experience for the TV audience. Fresh content on a variety of topics, people, and places is being created and made available on the Web at breathtaking speed. Navigating fresh content effectively on TV demands a new browsing paradigm that requires few mouse clicks or user interactions from the remote control. Novel geospatial and temporal browsing techniques are provided in GeoTV that allow users the capability of aggregating and navigating RSS-enabled content in a timely, personalized and automatic manner for viewing in an IPTV environment. This poster is an extension of our previous work on GeoTracker that utilizes both a geospatial representation and a temporal (chronological) presentation to help users spot the most relevant updates quickly within the context of a Web-enabled environment. We demonstrate 1) the usability of such a tool that greatly enhances a user's ability in locating and browsing videos based on his or her geographical interests and 2) various innovative interface designs of showing RSS-enabled information for an IPTV environment.

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