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Poster Papers

Track: User Interfaces and Accessibility

Paper Title:
System for Reminding a User of Information Obtained through a Web Browsing Experience


Don't we forget and waste varied information obtained through our own web browsing in the past? We propose a system for reminding a user of information obtained through web browsing experience. The system extracts keywords from a content of a web page viewed presently and retrieves a context in past web browsing related to the keyword. We defined the context as a sequence of web browsing when many web pages related to the keyword were viewed intensively, because we assumed that a lot of information connected to the current content was obtained in the sequence. The information is not only what page did he/she views but also how did he/she find the web pages out and what knowledge was he/she acquired from a web page. Concretely, when a user browses web pages, the proposed system shows a list of the contexts supposed as important one related to current web page automatically. If user selects the context, details in the context are showed graphically with marks indicating characteristic activities.

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