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Poster Papers

Track: Systems

Paper Title:
Mirror Site Maintenance Based on Evolution Associations of Web Directories


Mirroring Web sites is a well-known technique commonly used in the Web community. A mirror site should be updated frequently to ensure that it reflects the content of the original site. Existing mirroring tools apply page-level strategies to check each page of a site, which is inefficient and expensive. In this paper, we propose a novel site-level mirror maintenance strategy. Our approach studies the evolution of Web directory structures and mines association rules between ancestor-descendant Web directories. Discovered rules indicate the evolution correlations between Web directories. Thus, when maintaining the mirror of a Web site (directory), we can optimally skip subdirectories which are negatively correlated with it in undergoing significant changes. The preliminary experimental results show that our approach improves the efficiency of the mirror maintenance process significantly while sacrificing slightly in keeping the ``freshness" of the mirrors.

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