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Poster Papers

Track: Services

Paper Title:
Discovering the Best Web Service


Major research challenges in discovering Web services include, provisioning of services across multiple or heterogeneous registries, differentiating between services that share similar functionalities, improving end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS), and enabling clients to customize the discovery process. Proliferation and interoperability of this multitude of Web services have lead to the emergence of new standards on how services can be published, discovered, or used (i.e. UDDI, WSDL, SOAP). Such standards can potentially provide many of these features and much more, however, there are technical challenges associated with existing standards. One of these challenges is the clients ability to control the discovery process across accessible service registries for finding services of interest. This work proposes a solution to this problem and introduces the Web Service Relevancy Function (WsRF) used for measuring the relevancy ranking of a particular Web service based on QoS metrics and client preferences. We present experimental validation, results, and analysis of the presented ideas.

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