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ActiveRDF: Object-Oriented Semantic Web Programming
Object-oriented programming is the current mainstream programming paradigm but existing RDF APIs are mostly triple-oriented. Traditional techniques for bridging a similar gap between relational databases and object-oriented programs cannot be applied directly, given the different nature of Semantic Web data, as can for example be seen in the semantics of class membership, inheritance relations, and object conformance to schemas.

We present ActiveRDF, an object-oriented API for managing RDF data that offers full manipulation and querying of RDF data, does not rely on a schema and fully conforms to RDF(S) semantics. ActiveRDF can be used with different RDF data stores, adapters have been implemented to generic SPARQL endpoints, Sesame, Jena, Redland and YARS and new adapters can be added easily. In addition, integration with the popular Ruby on Rails framework enables fast development of Semantic Web applications.
New Brunswick, Friday, May 11, 2007, 3:30pm to 5:00pm.