Performance and Scalability
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GlobeTP: Template-Based Database Replication for Scalable Web Applications
Generic database replication algorithms do not scale linearly in throughput as they require to apply all update, deletion and insertion (UDI) queries to every database replica. The throughput is therefore limited to the point where the number of UDI queries alone is sufficient to overload one server. In such scenarios, partial replication of a database can help, as update queries are executed only by a subset of all servers. In this paper we propose GlobeTP, a system that employs partial replication to improve database throughput. GlobeTP exploits the fact that a Web application's query workload is composed of a small set of read and write templates. Using knowledge of these templates and their respective execution costs, GlobeTP provides database table placements that produce significant improvements in database throughput. We demonstrate the efficiency of this technique using two different industry standard benchmarks. In our experiments, GlobeTP increases the throughput by 57% to 150% compared to full replication, while using identical hardware configuration. Furthermore, adding a single query cache improves the throughput by another 30% to 60%.
Shaughnessy, Thursday, May 10, 2007, 10:30am to 12 noon.