Web Engineering
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Integrating Value-based Requirement Engineering Models to WebML using VIP Business Modeling Framework
Requirement engineering is emerging as an increasingly important discipline for supporting Web application development, as these are designed to satisfy diverse stakeholder needs, additional functional, information, multimedia and usability requirements as compared to traditional software applications. Moreover, when considering innovative e-commerce applications, value-based requirements engineering is an extremely relevant methodology which exploits the concept of economic value during the requirements engineering activity. In contrast, most of the methodologies proposed for the development of Web applications, primarily focus on the system design, and paying less attention to the requirements engineering, and specifically to value-based requirement engineering. Focusing this aspect, the paper presents integration of value-based requirement engineering models to WebML models using our recently proposed VIP Business Modeling Framework. The integration process is demonstrated using a well-known e-commerce application example by first presenting example VIP business models and then deriving WebML process, structural and other models from these business models.
Shaughnessy, Friday, May 11, 2007, 10:30am to 12 noon.