Web Engineering
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Supporting End-Users in the Creation of Dependable Web Clips
Web authoring environments enable end-users to create applications that integrate information from other web sources. Users can create web sites that include built-in components to dynamically incorporate, for example, weather information, stock-quotes, or the latest news from different web sources. Recent surveys conducted among end-users have indicated an increasing interest in creating such applications. Unfortunately, web authoring environments do not provide support beyond a limited set of built-in components. This work addresses this limitation by providing end-user support for ``clipping'' information from a web site to incorporate it into the end-user site. The support consists of a mechanism to identify the clipping target with multiple markers to increase robustness, and a dynamic assessment of the retrieved information to quantify its reliability. The clipping approach has been integrated as a feature into a popular web authoring tool on which we present the results of two preliminary studies.
Shaughnessy, Friday, May 11, 2007, 1:30pm to 3:00pm.