Semantic Web
Paper Title:
The Two Cultures: Mashing Up Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web (position paper)
There is a common perception that there are two competing visions about the future evolution of the Web: the Semantic Web and Web 2.0 visions. We believe that the technologies and core strengths of these visions are complementary, rather than in competition. In fact, both technologies need each other in order to scale beyond their own strongholds. The Semantic Web can learn from Web 2.0's focus on community and interactivity, while Web 2.0 can draw from Semantic Web infrastructure to facilitate things like mashups.

In order to demonstrate the complementarity of the two ideas, we outline a "semantic" weblogs vision in this paper that enhances a Web 2.0 scenario with semantic technologies. This vision can be realized in the short-term and shows clear advantages of the Semantic Web in the open field. We discuss the challenges and highlight open issues that arise from this vision, such as caching in the presence of dynamically generated pages. As a result, we outline research questions and implementation issues that will be of high relevance in the near future and finish with some thoughts about the future web ecosystem.
Shaughnessy, Saturday, May 12, 2007, 1:30pm to 3:00pm.