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WWW2007 has a five-day structure (Tuesday to Saturday), featuring 12 tutorials, 8 workshops, 4 plenary speakers, 111 refereed papers, 119 posters, 7 panels, and 10-12 invited industry speakers. The acceptance rate for refereed papers was 15%, so the technical quality is very high. Separate tracks are devoted to developers and to current W3C activities of interest to the WWW community.

Here is a colour-coded full program for WWW2007, including plenary speakers, refereed papers, posters, panels, industry speakers, DevTrack, and W3C Track. Several pre-conference events take place on Sunday and Monday.

There are several scripts here for conveniently displaying and navigating the full set of refereed papers, posters, and panels. For a searchable version of this content, see the Exhibit prototype developed by MIT researchers using the WWW2007 program XML data set. Feel free to provide feedback to the authors using the WWW2007 blog.

Sunshine Meadows

Pre-Conference Events

Other Special Events

WWW2007 Conference

The first day (Tuesday May 8) is devoted primarily to tutorials and workshops, under the general theme Building the Web. This day will provide background context on the history and evolution of the Web, and bring attendees up to speed on emerging technologies, standards, protocols, and applications.

The second day (Wednesday May 9) will have The Global Web as its theme. This day will focus on the global reach and impact of the Web (i.e., the first 'W' in 'WWW'). The plenary talk by Tim Berners-Lee will address the emerging discipline of Web Science, and the global opportunities provided by the Web. The paper tracks on this day will address topics such as Web accessibility, international standards, Pervasive Web and Mobility, and Technology for Developing Regions. The welcome reception for WWW2007 will take place on Wednesday evening at the hotel.

The third day (Thursday May 10) will focus on the immensity and scale of the Web (i.e., the second 'W' in 'WWW'). The primary theme will be Mining the Web. The plenary talk by Prabhakar Raghavan will discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise from the immensity of the Web, and the many sciences that will be needed to take the Web to the next level. The technical tracks associated with this day are Search, Data Mining, as well as Performance and Scalability. The conference social event will take place on Thursday evening. It features an all-you-can-eat Western barbecue buffet at Brewster's MountView Barbecue. Bus transportation will be provided from the conference hotel to this event, and back.

The fourth day (Friday May 11) will focus on the interwoven complexities of the Web (i.e., the third 'W' in 'WWW'), in terms of technologies, concepts, information, and people. The primary theme will be Weaving the Web. The plenary talk by Bill Buxton will focus on social networking and Web communities. The main technical tracks on this day will include Semantic Web, Web Engineering, and Web Services.

The final day (Saturday May 12) focuses on the implications and applications of the Web. The main umbrella theme will be The WWW and You, with sub-themes on Web Security, Web Applications, E-Learning, and Industrial Practice and Experience. The plenary talk by Dick Hardt will focus on Identity 2.0 in the context of E*-Applications. The day will end with a closing ceremony and handover to WWW2008.

The Developers Track will be offered throughout the week, following the highly successful "DevDay Every Day" format pioneered by WWW2006. Where appropriate, the daily topics for the Developers Track and for the W3C Track will be aligned with the foregoing themes.